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Short-Term Rental Referral Program

Get up to 15% Or $2000 flat with our referral program!

When you refer your client to us (and they sign up) you can get either 15% from our commission every month until they cancel - or you can choose to receive a one-time payment of $2000 upfront. It's that simple!

We Already Paid More Than $1 Million In Referrals to Agents Just Like You!

Why be part of
Estaga Referral Program?

Get 15% Monthly or $2000 Instantly

Once you reffer a client who signs with us and their property get listed, you start making hundreds or even thousands of dollars within the first month. You can also get $2000 instead of the monthly payout.

Partner-Oriented Team

When you join VRRM you don't just join our team - you become part of our family. Our incentives are aligned. We only get paid when you get paid - so we make sure you earn top dollar!

Constant Stable Income

Joining the VRRM referral program allows you to make unlimited passive income depending on the number of clients you refer. It is a gold mine!

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3 Easy Steps

Sign up

Signing up for the program is fast and easy, it takes less than one minute!


Refer your clients to us to exponentially increase your income.

Make money!

Get your money deposited straight into your bank account.

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Honest Reviews

Jessica C.

Here’s What Jessica, a Referral Just Like You, Has to Say About Our Best-In-Class Referral Program:

Joining Estaga’s referral program a few months back was perhaps the best decision I’d made in a very long time! Being a travel enthusiast and a die-hard explorer, I was in contact with several property owners who rented out their places. When I heard of the prospect Estaga was offering, I immediately got in touch with my clients and connected them to Estaga, and the rest is history! It’s been 5 months I guess, and my 3 referrals are easily generating a thousand dollars per month! I would highly encourage everyone with property-holding clients to get into this lottery-house!

James H.

James Joined Our Referral Program a Few Months Back, and He Gobsmacked with the Kind of Money They Are Making!

A member of our company heard about Estaga from their friend, and it looked too good to be true! We got in touch with a few of our property owners and made a deal with them. And it’s been like 3 or 4 months only, and the money we’re generating passively is mind-boggling! Highly Recommended!

Alesia S.

We’ve Got More Fantastic Feedback from Alesia, a Real Estate Agent Who Is Now Making More Than $500 from Referral Commissions Alone!

Well, “surprised” is the only word that comes to mind about the latest referral program by Estaga. I was always on the outlook for passive income ideas and one-time gigs until I happened to land upon Estaga’s webpage. And boy, was it helpful! I knew a couple of old clients with rentals, and soon after connecting them with Estaga, I made my first $500! A blessing for everyone! Must try!

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We are a full-service vacation rental management company that specializes in maximizing your clients passive income from their rental properties. We provide all inclusive services to make sure your client does not have to lift a finger. There are no upfront fees, no long term contracts, and they can cancel anytime

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